test your plaque

Let’s Become a Dental Assistant!

Will Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush do a better job than your manual toothbrush? Let’s do a plaque test with the disclosing tablets found in your given glass jars!

What are disclosing tablets?

Disclosing tablets are chewable tablets that make dental plaque visible with a harmless dye.

Dental professionals use plaque disclosing tablets to make it easier for patients identify trouble spots to focus on when you brush and floss properly. It is also good method to teach kids how to brush their teeth.

What is the most accurate test?

Please only test at night because you have gone through the whole day of meals and the dye from disclosing tablet will take a few hours to completely dissolve.

If you have leftover dye on your teeth, please brush again targeting those areas! Fret not, as the dye will be gone in the morning.

You will be able to conclude the results on which toothbrush is effective in removing plaque!

Alternatively, you can get a partner to do this test with you! He/she would be using a manual toothbrush while you use the sonic toothbrush.

Disclosing Tablet FAQs

The disclosing tablets you receive are from Sunstar Japan and it has a slight fruity taste.

1. Chew 1 tablet
2. Use your tongue and spread the solution around your teeth
3. Spit out excess and do not rinse your mouth

Try your best to brush away the darker dye areas as that is where your plaque built up is. Fret not if you are unable to completely remove it because your salvia will be able to break down the dye in a few hours.

Be careful to not stain your clothes or other areas of your bathroom.

At night because the leftover dye will be broken down by the morning. Please avoid using it if you have plans leave the house after.

No, the dye is a harmless food dye.