Sonic & Electric Toothbrush comparison

Compare Mola Toothbrushes

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush is Singapore’s 1st sonic toothbrush that offers a custom mode. However, it doesn’t end there.

#1 Comparing Modes

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

5 Modes + 1 Custom Mode

Your teeth aren’t all the same.

Singapore’s 1st sonic toothbrush to offer Custom Mode, together with 5 pre-set modes: Clean, Sensitive, Deep Clean, Whitening, Gum Care

Other Toothbrush Brands

3 ~ 5 Modes

Typically only offers 3 pre-set modes: Clean, Sensitive, Whitening. No option to adjust settings to your own preference.

You might waste money if the pre-set mode does not suit your teeth.

#2 Comparing Design

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

Smart LCD Display

Complete your brushing cycle and be greeted with a wink from Mola! For easy tracking, 2-minute countdown timer will appear on screen.

Other Toothbrush Brands

No Display

Typically has a single button with simple markings for different modes. No countdown timer to guide your required 2 minute brushing cycle.

#3 Comparing Batteries

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

Minimally 30 Days

Lasts for 30 days on the highest setting (Deep Clean). It has an indicator of the exact battery percentage left.

Other Toothbrush Brands

7 to 21 Days

Typically lasts for 1 to 3 weeks. Majority of electric toothbrushes only include a flashing dot of light as a battery indicator.

#4 Comparing Brush Heads

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

Copper-Free Brush Head

Rust-proof brush heads reduces bacteria growth. Bristles planted directly on brush head removing any metal materials.

Other Toothbrush Brands

Standard Brush Head

Bristle tufts are held down with copper staples. Easier to rust when in contact with water which accumulates bacteria.

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

Smart Reminder

Blue bristles are engineered to fade overtime as a reminder to change out the brush heads every 3 months.

Other Toothbrush Brands

Self Reminder

Colours are for aesthetics. Users tend to only replace brush heads when it is frayed, which could lead to gingival abrasion.

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

0.005 inch bristles

Ultrafine bristles to reach into tight gaps. Along with it’s rounded tips, it reduces gingival abrasion.

Other Toothbrush Brands

0.006 ~ 0.012 inch bristles

On average, the bristles are 42% thicker than Mola. The softness varies from different brands.

#5 Comparing Non-Slip Body

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

Rubber-like Texture

A rubber-like coating to improve your grip and does not get sticky or trap dirt.

Other Toothbrush Brands

Rubber that Easily Moulds

The rubber material gets sticky and slimy overtime and starts collecting mould.

#6 Comparing Price

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

$139.90 $89.90

Each toothbrush box has a 1 year warranty and 2 brush head refills which will last you about 6 months!

Other Toothbrush Brands

$79.90 to $499

Typically provides 6 months to 1 year warranty with only 1 brush head that will last you about 3 months.

Why Choose Mola?

No unnecessary functions. No extra costs. Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush was designed with utility and personalization in mind to equip every individual with unparalleled dental cleaning effectiveness.

Smart oral hygiene shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for everyone.

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