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What really made us like this toothbrush is their Smart interactive LCD display and their low-noise technology making it ideal for night brushing.

– Rated #1 on Best in Singapore

If you’re looking for a new electric toothbrush that is well-designed and customizable to your needs, get the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush.

– Rated #1 on Drum It Loud

The Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush is viable to be one of the best sonic toothbrushes in Singapore for people looking to make an improvement in their dental and oral health. 

– Product Nation

Mola Oral Care packs all of the essential functions you will need in a sonic toothbrush to offer a holistic product at an affordable entry-level price point.

– Aspirant SG

Smart oral hygiene shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for everyone.

Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

No unnecessary functions. No extra costs. Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush was designed with utility and personalization in mind to equip every individual with unparalleled dental cleaning effectiveness.

Programmed with an in-built countdown timer and pacer, tracking your brush cycle has never been more effortless. Complete a full brush cycle and be greeted with a happy Mola!

Clean, Sensitive, Deep Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, and Custom Mode.

Find out more about Custom Mode here.

Engineered with advanced bristles planting method, Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush Heads are copper-free. These rust-proof bristles reduce bacteria growth and are designed for a new standard of comfort.

Smart Oral Health

Did you know?

Your teeth aren’t all the same

The biggest problem with most electric and sonic toothbrushes in the market are that they come only with fixed preset modes that might not be suitable for your unique teeth.

Mola solves that

Take charge and fully customize your very own mode by adjusting the strength and duration of your brush cycle down to the seconds.

About Custom Mode

The average toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria

How do we combat that?

Hear it from them!

Over 1,500+ Mouths and Counting


Super cute I love it!!! Great specs at a super affordable price and they give 2 brush heads in each toothbrush box instead of 1. My hubby choose the black one while I'm using the white one.

Grace Leong



I've tried many sonic toothbrushes and this is the only one that I can actually customise a personal mode. My front teeth feels more sensitive than the back so this is absolutely perfect for me!

Ginny Lee



What I love most about Mola is the cute animations we get to see!! Complete the 2 minute brushing and a winky mola appears. Don't end the brushing session early because a sad mola will appear instead!

Sze Xian Tay



Our dentist recommended to try a sonic toothbrush and we are glad to go with mola! Affordable with all the top specs in the market.

Koh Yong Lin



Awesome... There's even a Chinese language setting which might be perfect for my parents and in-laws. The font size isn't too small as well.

Lin Zhi Hang



I'm still trying out the different modes to customise a perfect mode for myself. But I have so say, I'm loving it so far!!

Brandon Phua



SO DAMN CUTE!! I mean look at that sad mola face when you didn't complete your brushing!! Honestly making brushing teeth fun.

Amanda Lau



Fast delivery! Can't wait to try the bristles because I read that it is copper free. Feels like it has a sturdy grip and it looks sleek.

Ivan Quek



Got the twin bundle for me and my wife and it's very worth! Comes with 4 brush heads in total which will last us about a year.

Benjamin Tse



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